Kevin these are beautiful. Saved your site so I can look at the site when you update
Kevin bade(non-registered)
This is pretty cool!!!
Cindy Boedefeld(non-registered)
Wow! These are amazing. Such a great display of photos that are so relaxing and serene.
Jeremy Miller(non-registered)
Great job with your website
Carla Mickes(non-registered)
Your photos have such feeling to them. it seems like you are there. Great job!
Rhonda White(non-registered)
Beautiful shots, guys!
Wayne Remter(non-registered)
Your pictures are amazing. It is an art that brings out every detail to it's fullest. I wish you continued success in a venture that you love.
Terry Bollinger
This is a beautiful and nostalgic collection of pictures, with a deft touch for finding just the right image, angle, and lighting to bring out something that otherwise never would have been captured. For example, the picture Complementary under Fine Art had me wanting to seek out an expert in arcane languages to translate for me the message in runes that the reeds were trying to convey.
John Quinton(non-registered)
Great work Jerry and Beverley!!
Jennifer Lewis(non-registered)
Wow! Great pictures Jerry! These photos look like they've come out of a magazine. I LOVE them! Although I like so many, I would have to say my absolute favorite is the one of the whale coming up out of the water with its mouth open. You took that?! It's incredible! Great job!
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